2018 Dance/USA Institute for Leadership / Deadline: March 18, 2018


The overarching goal of Dance/USA’s Institute for Leadership Training (DILT) is to build the leadership and decision-making skills of emerging dance leaders who represent the diversity of the national, professional dance community. The 2018 program will have a specific focus on supporting individuals of African, LatinX, Asian, Arab, and Native American descent; individuals with disabilities or working in physically integrated dance; and individuals from a diversity of gender identities including transgender, agender, gender fluid, genderqueer, etc. All are welcome to apply regardless of Dance/USA membership.

DILT emphasizes regular communication between established leaders (mentors) and emerging leaders (mentees) to foster self-direction, self-reflection, and embracing challenge. The relationships between mentors and mentees extend beyond geographic boundaries, explore various areas of interest, foster community connections, and provide exposure to opportunities available in the field. A limited number of pairs are matched based on experience, area of interest, geography, and/or professional affiliations by the Dance/USA DILT Selection Committee.

The 2018 Institute for Leadership Training will launch during the 2018 Dance/USA Annual Conference, held June 6-9, in Los Angeles, CA. From that time forward, participants will engage in a nine-month one-on-one mentorship experience.

For more information please visit their website: https://danceusa.org/2018-danceusa-institute-leadership-training-guidelines-and-application