Closet Cases / Deadline: July 15


Author Megan Volpert is seeking 75 queer writers in all genres to contribute to Closet Cases, a forthcoming anthology on queer fashion (Et Alia Press, spring 2020). Submission guidelines here:

Each contributor will get a two-page spread with photo of their clothing and accompanying text explaining its significance. PHOTO SUBMISSIONS:

-Photograph must include item of clothing
-Author may or may not be pictured with item
-Hi-resolution files preferred, pixelated photos will be rejected
-Square-shaped photos preferred, photos may be cropped
-Full-color, relatively unfiltered/unedited photos preferred
-All-ages appropriate background, no drugs/violence


-Text must address item in photo
-All genres & mixed/experimental genres welcome
-Must fit on one standard page, about 350 words max


-Simultaneous submissions welcome
-Multiple submissions welcome, just fill out separate form for each
-Expect notification of your submission status by August 1, 2019
-Direct any other inquiries to the editor, Megan Volpert