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RCMA at Open House: Artistic Innovations project


Friday, December 15, 2017

Open House
4419 State Line Road
Kansas City MO 64111

The Roaming Center for Magnetic Alternatives (RCMA) will temporarily convert Open House into a vhs library and media center. Visit us on the dates/times below to browse titles, check-out tapes/vcrs, and take advantage of our free analog to digital conversion service.

Open House is located at 4419 State Line Road, Kansas City, Missouri 64111

Friday 12/15 : Library Hours 7-9pm
Saturday 12/16 : Library Hours 7-9pm
Sunday 12/17: Library Hours 3-7pm, Screen Reading Performance 7pm
Monday 12/18: Library Hours 3-6pm

*Note: These events are not climate controlled, dress warm! Hot drinks provided.
Access accommodations available on request. Parking at the house is limited and should be used on an as needed basis. Street parking is available on adjacent streets.

RCMA is an ad hoc media and research center dedicated to exploring the correlation between queer culture, video history, and a medium on the edge of obsolescence. Home to the Cry Now Free Video Library, our collection is comprised of over 1000 VHS tapes, with content spanning late 80’s to early 2000’s theatrical releases, pornos, and home videos. RCMA’s mobile operation is outfitted to move approximately 400 tapes and associated technologies from one location to the next, transforming strip malls and lecture halls into classrooms for communities uncovering and telling their own stories. Visit roamingcenter.org to learn more.

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