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Romantic Guitar of Spain with Ronald Radford


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Arts Foundation
9103 E. 56th Street
Tulsa OK 74145

Presenting Ronald Radford, Flamenco Guitarist in a public performance at Gussman Concert Hall, in Tulsa at 7:30 PM on Feb. 14, 2017. In this Valentines Day program billed as “The Romantic Guitar of Spain” Mr. Radford presents a varied solo guitar program of haunting Spanish Gypsy melodies such as the Tarantas & Soleares as well as the joyful dance rhythms and dazzling Flamenco techniques of the Alegrias and Bulerias. The program is complimented by his illuminating and entertaining commentary and a sample of Flamenco singing.

We will also present Mr. Radford in three 45-Minute educational Complementary Activities, as follows: 8:30 AM Feb 10 Zarrow International School (Spanish Immersion Elementary) 2:00 PM Feb 10 Traice Academy (Alternative MS & HS) 9:35 AM Feb 13 McAuliffe Elementary (50% Hispanic Students) In each of these events, in addition to his exciting Flamenco guitar music, Mr. Radford will share his message on “The Power of Practice: How to be the best you can be!” Through his music and message Ron demonstrates how the power of practice enables you to achieve your goals and dreams. Besides being a master musician, Mr. Radford is an eloquent and inspiring speaker and the program includes his educational and humorous comments, motivational message and answers to questions.

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