Guild Hall Artist Residency / Deadline: December 12


Established in 2016, Guild Hall’s Artist-in-Residence (AIR) program offers early or mid-career artists the time and space to focus on their own artistic practice. Provided with free living space in a 19th Century Guild House and paid stipend, AIR allows artists the opportunity to actively research, creatively experiment, and continuously develop new ideas/concepts, all while exploring the historic artist colony of East Hampton.

In addition to a focus on individual practice and inquiry, residents will have the opportunity to connect with celebrated artists and civic leaders at weekly salon dinners, meet with select members of the Academy of the Arts and/or Artistic Staff, and share their work with the community through invited school trips/visits and public discussions.

The program culminates with an informal sharing of work collected and produced throughout the residency at Guild House to an invited audience of local artists, civic leaders, and Guild Hall staff/board. The form of the sharing is devised and decided by the residents, and can take the shape of individual exhibits/staged environments, readings, performances, works-in-progress or a more collaborative group show.

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