How Can YOU Advocate for the Arts?


Looking for a place to start in advocating for your arts community? We’ve got you covered.

Amidst government shut-downs and often-proposed arts funding cuts, advocating for the arts remains an important civic duty for all arts supporters. With the start of a new year, many of our M-AAA states have in-person opportunities to advocate for the arts:

Many of these events have ways to participate if you can’t make it in person. But every day is a good day to advocate for the arts, wherever you are! Phone calls, emails, and hand-written letters to your elected officials allĀ  make a difference. Though we offer new and updated tools and information below, the fact remains that the best tool is your personal story of how the arts make a difference in your community. As an arts organization, we’ve seen the impact of the arts in myriad ways, but you are the best person to tell your story. Start advocating with these resources today!