Jazz Road

Jazz Road is a new national initiative supporting jazz artists throughout the United States through expanded opportunities to tour.

Jazz Road is a program of our partners at South Arts, but artists and presenters from the M-AAA region are eligible to participate. The objective is for jazz artists residing in every part of the country to develop small (three-to-six site) tours. Full program guidelines are coming soon, but in the mean time…

For Presenters

Jazz Road aims to engage the full spectrum of jazz programmers and venues. This includes non-traditional or alternative spaces for jazz, clubs, performing arts centers, and established jazz programs or festivals. Jazz Road encourages the presenting of jazz in new ways, and bringing artists to underserved, isolated and rural areas to build audiences for jazz.

If you represent an organization that presents or programs jazz—or is interested in expanding their work to include jazz presenting—please complete this form. They are looking for presenters/programmers of all types, from jazz clubs to places of worship to performing arts centers to house concerts to non-traditional presenters, and communities from rural or isolated to urban.

For Artists

Jazz Road will offer touring subsidies to help artists make the leap from localized success to reach new audiences outside their home area, and also residency subsidies to help artists explore their work in a community outside their home area through new collaborations, performances, and experiences.

Program guidelines and applications will be available by the end of April. Check back here for more details.