KCAIC Introduces Field Reps


Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission (KCAIC) Introduces Field Representatives

To assist organizations with project development, build regional networks, and assist with discipline specific programs and policy, KCAIC has engaged the following individuals as field represents across the state. Interested grant applicants are encouraged to contact their regional KCAIC representative before starting the application process.

map of Kansas counties

Regional Representatives

North Central/Northwest

Erika Nelson
erika.kcaic (at) gmail.com

South Central/Southwest

Kate Van Steenhuyse
kate.kcaic (at) gmail.com


Kelly Yarbrough Frasier
kelly.kcaic (at) gmail.com


(Shawnee, Douglas, Johnson, Wyandotte)

Nicole Emanuel
nicole.kcaic (at) gmail.com

Statewide Consultants

Arts Education

(also assists regionally in Johnson County)

Angel Mercier
angel.kcaic (at) gmail.com

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

(also assists regionally in Wyandotte County)

Jose Faus
jose.kcaic (at) gmail.com


Christie Dobson
christie.kcaic (at) gmail.com