Key West Artist Residency / Deadline: May 15, 2018


The Studios of Key West is currently accepting applications for residencies falling between Oct 2018 and Aug 2019. The deadline to apply is May 15, 2018. The Studios offers a residency program for emerging and established artists and writers designed to encourage creative, intellectual and personal growth. The program grants nearly 35 artists each year the time and space to imagine new artistic work, engage in valuable dialogue and explore island connections. The Studios’ residency program is community-based and built upon the hope that visiting artists will take inspiration from Key West’s rich artistic past and present, and will engage with — and be inspired by — the remarkable people and culture that surrounds them.

Key West is an island community, two miles by four miles wide, at the very end of the road. Most people get around on bicycle or foot, and the neighborhoods are compact and filled with lush gardens and tropical plant life. There are Cuban groceries and café con leche on every other corner, and a mix of Latin and Caribbean influences everywhere. Known for blue skies, open water and mangrove islands, and 80 degree days in winter, Key West is removed from the American mainland by 120 miles of bridges and small islands.

Residencies are almost a full month, and run from the 16th of the month through the 14th of the next. Applications for residency at The Studios of Key West must now be submitted through an online application process. A $40 application fee applies to online submissions and is collected through an application portal.

For more info, call 305-296-0458 or visit