Khuyana – Peruvian Jungle Artist-in-Residence Open Call / Deadline: May 15, 2018

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The residency program “Khuyana” welcomes visual artists, architects, photographers, other disciplines; national and international for the period of one month (up to three months) to develop research and production projects related to the Peruvian Amazon, amazon ancient cultures, Quichua and Kukama Kukamiria and the community of Cuyana – Iquitos. The program aims to create an environment of cultural exchange, artistic production and research, architectural projects, etc. In addition, the residency program works in close collaboration with the self-management space Correlación Contemporánea, the volunteer program Sami Khuyay – Free School and the community of San Pablo de Cuyana, offering artistic workshops for children and young people, as well as the care of the infrastructure and space needs.

The residence is located in the community Quechua Cuyana of Iquitos, around 20 minutes from Coronel FAP Francisco Secada Vignetta Airport (IQT) by land and 30 minutes by river, on Nanay River, a tributary of the Amazon River.

The community of Cuyana has its origin in the migration of the Andean Quechua ethnic group to the Peruvian jungle, now known as “Quichua”. The main activities of Cuyana inhabitants are the land and raising livestock. Nearby we find a community Kukama Kukamiria  whose main activity is crafts, there is a tradition in the production of ceramics and balsa wood carving decorated with traditional motifs, vegetable fiber fabrics and other products that represent the cultural wealth held by the Community. Most of the population still preserving them Amazonian ancient culture but they are losing their original language.

Residency incluide:

– Transportation airport – residence – airport (pickup schedule will be provide).
– Welcome session with a traditional amazon dinner.
– Residency period accommodation in floating amazon maloka with shared rooms.
– Weekly meetings and talks organized by coordinators to exchange information and ideas about a proposed topic.
– Wild Jungle full day tour
– The organization is committed to holding two art exhibitions that will show the artist-in-residence products in two cities, the first one in Iquitos at the end of residency period, then pieces will be moving to the second exhibition in Lima.
– The AiR program will provide the space and promotion for resident’s open studios or workshops.
– The AiR program will provide the cultural promotion for resident’s exhibition in social medias, national Tv and/or radio.
– Invitation letters and certificates of participation to the participants will be extended.

On going residency