Mana Contemporary Body + Camera Festival 2018 / Deadline: May 21, 2018


Mana Contemporary, in collaboration with Chicago Dancemakers Forum and montom arts, is accepting entries for the second annual Mana Contemporary Body + Camera Festival.

This dynamic festival celebrates the intersection between the moving body and the moving image, focusing on risk-taking and independent artists, with contemporary, experimental projects that push traditional mediums to their edge. The festival is designed to provide audiences with a broad spectrum of perspectives from artists making contemporary works in the fields of experimental, dance, and performance film. With the addition of special screenings and artist talks surrounding the main program, Body + Camera hopes to engage filmmakers and audiences alike in discussion around the festival’s themes.

The 2017 festival featured over 40 short films by emerging and established artists from around the world, that explore the intersection between the body and the moving image. The works were presented over two days as short programs, installations and special live presentations, curated into five unique programs and installations drawn from over 250 submissions from across the globe.

The festival encourages submissions including—but not limited to—the following categories: contemporary dance and performance film, installation, interactive technology, interactive live performance, animation, non-dance choreography, and documentary. Works must be recent with a completion date of 2013 or after.

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