New Engage Webinar: Are You Asking?

Engage-are you asking

Are You Asking? A Fundraising “Playbook” During COVID

September 17th, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

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This is a time like no other for most of us. And for those who have the responsibility to leverage resources for arts and cultural institutions where we rely on the ability of bringing people together, it’s even more challenging. So what do we do?

For many, this pandemic has brought a complete halt to the flow of charitable donations. Yet, our missions rely on our ability to navigate these uncharted waters so that we can stay viable.

During this 2 hour thought provoking workshop that is full of ‘real talk’ and effective tools, we will discuss how groups are adapting and provide insights for what you can do to actively raise money for your cause. And no, this is not another workshop about how to pull off virtual galas and events during COVID.

Using a workbook that was created by FBC, Fayruz Benyousef will walk us through how to Pause, Take Stock, and Hit the Ground Running.

Giving has not stopped, but the way by which people are giving has. We will take a deep look at what has changed and what the opportunities are for arts and culture organizations to proactively stay connected with current donors, and to engage new potential donors through their networks of trusted friends.

Please RSVP to receive the Zoom invitation

Fayruz Benyousef | FB Consulting | Austin, TX

Fayruz Benyousef is Founder and Principal of Fayruz Benyousef Consulting (known as FBC). She is passionate about the vital space philanthropic organizations hold in all communities and has made it her mission to support these organizations and their leadership, both professionally and personally.

As a seasoned certified fundraising professional, she has leveraged her 25 years of experience to implement transformational change and sustainable infrastructure in a variety of non-profit organizations. Known for her extraordinary method of solutions based problem-solving and strategic thinking; she is a philanthropy advisor and expert committed to the success of noble missions and the people who are leading them.