Open Call for Artist Book Collaboration / Deadline: May 30, 2018


Passenger Pigeon Press is looking for submissions for an artist book collaboration!   The selected artist will be awarded with a collaborative artist book project with Passenger Pigeon Press and a solo show at FRONT Gallery in Tribeca in June of 2019. 

Passenger Pigeon Press has made experimental art books with artists working in disciplines and paths that are not popularized by the mainstream. We welcome submissions from people working in any field, including but certainly not limited to: visual art; academia; the natural sciences; publishing and literature; philosophy; politics. The work produced would be on a subject of the collaborator’s choice: in past collaborations, we have produced cookbooks, prints, maps, and other forms of printed media on subjects as diverse as recipes, basketball courts, and the Declarations of Independence of Vietnam and America.

Your work will be reviewed by our jurors:

Didier William, Artist and Associate Professor / MFA Program Chair at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Marina Gluckman, Founder and Curator of 6Base

Mauricio Cortes, Artist and Educator

Tammy Nguyen, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Passenger Pigeon Press

Téa Beer, Project Manager at Passenger Pigeon Press

While we can only select one artist, we will also plug artists creating important work on social media and we will keep those in mind for future projects!

For more information please visit their website: