Pond Farm Residency / Deadline: May 1


Pond Farm started as an artists’ colony in the late 1940s, then transitioned to Pond Farm Pottery, where studio pottery artist Marguerite Wildenhain lived, worked, and taught annual summer workshops. Her work and her teachings had a significant impact on the Studio Pottery movement in California.

This is a unique opportunity for artists of all kinds, to be immersed in nature and to have the space and time to create.

Pond Farm welcomes artists and academics of all types, whether painters, writers, art historians, potters, architects, weavers, metalsmiths, anthropologists, poets, musicians, etc. Pond Farm is located in a California State Park Recreation Area therefore artwork impacting the landscape such as large scale sculpture and earth art many not be appropriate for the site. Media and processes such as welding may not be appropriate during months of high fire danger.

Application – https://stewardscr.submittable.com/submit

More information is available at: https://www.stewardscr.org/pond-farm-artist-in-residence.html