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The First Five Months: August–December 2020

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reflect / project is an ongoing exhibition series featuring socially engaged video work by artists who identify as LGBTQIA+, Black, Indigenous, and/or persons of color.

The reflect / project exhibition series originated in fall 2020. This series grew from the racial reckoning, shifting policy regarding LGBTQIA+ people, and the global pandemic that cracked open a vision of long-standing inequity. reflect / project serves to amplify underrepresented artists while creating a public space for viewers to consider their position in our rapidly changing world. Artists have responded to violence and discrimination throughout history and the creative works that emerged have endured over time. They become the artifacts that society measures us by, how we are remembered, and a guide to the future.

New work launched each month, August to December 2020, on First Friday both at M-AAA’s headquarters and online. Video artists selected fellow artists to accompany their works online. Please enjoy all featured works below. 

August: Crystal Z Campbell with Lydia Cheshewalla and Christina Beatty
September: Adam W. McKinney with Zeus Hope and Najeeb Sabour
October: Kristen Lyle with Tobi C. and Alex Bergman
November: Câmi Thomas with Bino and Maleeha Samer

August: Crystal Z Campbell

with Lydia Cheshewalla and Christina Beatty

reflect / project launched August 7 with two works from Tulsa-based artist, writer, and experimental filmmaker of Black, Filipino, and Chinese descents, Crystal Z Campbell. Campbell’s selected artists were Lydia Cheshewalla and Christina Beatty. 

To view the August exhibition, visit this page

September: Adam W. McKinney

with Zeus Hope and Najeeb Sabour

September brought Fort Worth, Texas, artist Adam W. McKinney, who featured Zeus Hope and Najeeb Sabour. 

To view the September exhibition, visit this page

October: Kristen Lyle

with Alex Bergman and Tobi C.

October’s presenting artist was Kristen Lyle of St. Louis, MO, who featured Alex Bergman and Tobi C.

To view the October exhibition, visit this page

November: Câmi Thomas

with Bino and Maleeha Samer

For November, we featured another St. Louis artist, Câmi Thomas. Her selected artists were Bino and Maleeha Samer.

To view the November exhibition, visit this page

December: Virginia Grise

with Victor I. Cazares and Joe Jimenez

For December, we featured Virginia Grise of Cedar Park, TX. She exhibited works from Victor I. Cazares and Joe Jimenez.

To view the December exhibition, visit this page

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