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reflect / project is an ongoing exhibition series featuring socially engaged video work by artists who identify as LGBTQIA+, Black, Indigenous, and/or persons of color.

The reflect / project exhibition series originated in Fall 2020, and continued with a second season in the Spring of 2021. This series grew from the racial reckoning, shifting policy regarding LGBTQIA+ people, and the global pandemic that cracked open a vision of long-standing inequity. reflect / project serves to amplify underrepresented artists while creating a public space for viewers to consider their position in our rapidly changing world. Artists have responded to violence and discrimination throughout history and the creative works that emerged have endured over time. They become the artifacts that society measures us by, how we are remembered, and a guide to the future.

New work launched each month, April to July 2021, on First Friday both at M-AAA’s headquarters and online. Video artists selected fellow artists to accompany their works online. Please enjoy all featured works below.

April: Xochitl Rodriguez

with Briseida “Brioch” Ochoa and Aldo Amparán

To view the April exhibition, visit this page

May: Brian Ellison

with Catherine Davila-Martinez and Marcelese Cooper

To view the May exhibition, visit this page

June: Story Stitchers

with Joshua D. Williams and Jordan Lee

To view the June exhibition, visit this page

July: Sav Rodgers

with Madeline Holland and Hannah McBroom

To view the July exhibition, visit this page

reflect / project is an extension of Mid-America Arts Alliance’s Interchange program in collaboration with its Arts and Humanities Programming Division. It is supported in part by the City of Kansas City, Missouri Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund.

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