Resources for Covid-19 Pandemic


Courtesy CDC

Tackling a Pandemic Together

The coronavirus (Covid-19) can present unique hardships for artists and organizations who rely on gatherings to both create and to make their living. Please find below some great resources for artists, hosting organizations, and all of our constituents who are looking to make informed decisions about their health and financial well being.

Start with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They have wider information about the situation as a whole, as well as info for specific situations. Stay healthy and wash your hands!

Pages with Multiple Resources

The National Endowment for the Arts has an array of resources for artists and arts organization. Also, read the NEA Chairman’s Message on Covid-19.

Our colleagues at SouthArts (another regional arts organization) specialize in disaster preparedness for the arts. Visit their hub, ArtsReady.

For Arts Organizations

Common Field is gathering resources for the artist organization field. See them here.

Performing Arts Readiness Project supports emergency recovery plans for organizations. Check out their loss calculator.

Basic info to share with any attendees or other constituents about prevention from Americans for the Arts.

Here is a short, common sense guide to hosting events.

Kansas orgs: here is a survey specific to your state from the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission.

For Individual Artists

This open-source list has a ton of information for freelance artists.

The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation announced a new grant program for one-time medical emergencies.

Anonymous Was a Woman has a new emergency relief grant.

CERF+ has been supporting artists in times of emergency for years.

Sweet Relief Musicians Fund is for musicians and music industry workers who have lost more than 50% of their income.

The Foundation for Contemporary Arts is offering emergency relief grants for artists and performers with recently canceled events.

Change, Inc has $1k emergency grants for artists of all disciplines to help with rent and other bills to disaster recovery.

PEN America has a Writers’ Emergency Fund with small, one-time grants for writers and other literary artists.

Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis (RAC) has funds designated for emergency relief for artists who have lost their livelihoods because of the crisis.

The Luminary, also of St. Louis, has emergency relief funds set up with The Futures Fund.

For M-AAA Artistic Innovations and Regional Touring Program grantees

Read a note from program director Christine Bial about these M-AAA grant programs, including contact info for specific questions.


Here is a webinar that manages to avoid panic while providing ways to prepare, from the Event Safety Alliance on March 4.

HowlRound hosted a live streaming panel with open questions on March 16 for freelance artists and cultural workers in all discipines.

Grantmakers in the Arts hosted Emergency Preparedness and Response: Covid-19 and the arts ecosystem.

Americans for the Arts is hosting a series of pandemic-appropriate webinars. Visit their ArtsU.

The American Association of State and Local History hosts many webinars, including Planning for an Uncertain Financial Future on April 2.