Satellite Art Fair Application now open / Deadline: June 30, 2018


SATELLITE was created in 2015 as an opportunity for young dealers, artist-run spaces and non-profits to exhibit during Miami Art Week. Since its conception, SATELLITE has grown in scale and prominence and now features art-based projects by established commercial galleries, socially engaged non-profits, and international alternative spaces. By fostering a range of programming, SATELLITE is able to offer patrons and collectors with a unique experience where art is at the forefront of creative expression, activism, and curiosity. In this way, SATELLITE is the antagonist to the standard fair and in turn, fills the voids left by Miami Art Week’s soullessness through collaboration, direct engagement, and fun. SATELLITE is your chance to experience and collect new works of art without the restrictions customary to traditional settings!

SATELLITE is an artist-run organization consisting of team members Brian Andrew Whiteley, Alex Paik, Jesse Bandler Firestone, Anna Liisa Benston and Quinn Dukes.

SATELLITE 2018 will forgo the typical white-walled tent structure and will instead provide storage containers, construction offices and a “drive in” mobile platform (art vehicle parking), in essence creating a mini village of free-standing exhibitions. Without the constrictions of a typical venue, our new location will also allow us to debut large-scale public installations and projects. We are making this move to enhance the experiential nature of our fair and to advance our low price mandate for participation. We will continue to champion young galleries, artist-run spaces and alternative spaces in an effort to allow access to groundbreaking new works of art for arts patrons and the community at large. SATELLITE exhibits critical works of art that are both exploratory and transformative, all encompassed in an inclusionary setting.

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