Stillwright / Deadline: May 2


The Stillwright playwriting retreats are intensives in which playwrights gather in silence and write a play entirely from scratch. The retreats are structured by Erik Ehn, who leads the group in regular sessions of writing exercises that punctuate the days.

Unlike other retreats or residencies, this is very much geared around the generation of new work; it doesn’t work well for writers who want to revise an existing play, or even write a play they already have in mind. Some playwrights have come away from these retreats with plays they were later able to produce, others have left with work which interested them, but which they didn’t want to put forward for a further life, and both groups have found the retreat equally valuable. The real goal of the retreat is to have a chance to work in a thoroughly absorbed and uninterrupted fashion and to perhaps work in a new and entirely idiosyncratic way The silence is part of the challenge, and part of the unusual level of concentration the retreat creates.

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