Texas Tech Call for Artwork / Deadline: April 15, 2018


Call for Entries: Animal Assemblages and the Possibility of Language

The exhibition considers animal communication, the broad spectrum of which language is merely a component – and merely human. Are animal languages (such as bat signals or dolphin calls) more complex than human ones? How is animal communication always intrinsically part of, and co-evolving with, an environment? Deleuze, for example, has famously written about birdsongs as assemblages. This exhibition will grapple with animal communication in a properly posthuman way. Animal Studies has moved beyond an older model by which language was seen to define what’s essential about humans. The exhibition will also take as axiomatic that humans and animals have always been in dialogue and exchange. Animals have always come to us as mediated, and are never pre-existent, in a pristine or uncontaminated “Nature.” Recognizing the two-way dialogue between humans and animals, in turn, opens up the inquiry into culture and history.

The exhibition will coincide with an international Comparative Literature conference organized by the Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures program at Texas Tech University.

The exhibition will cover transportation costs of artwork (two-way). In addition, we will be seeking additional funding to support speaker’s fees, travel & lodging for one or more of the artists to present in Lubbock during the conference.

Interested? Please email a letter of interest to Dr Kevin Chua (Associate Professor of Art History, Texas Tech University) at kevin.chua@ttu.edu, informing me of your experience in the topic, and what you’d like to propose for the exhibition. Please include your CV. Selections will be made on April 16, 2018.