Tools for Assertive Engagement


Whether you are a small or large institution, stretch your operational wings with assertive tools for engagement

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When small to mid-size institutions are navigating partnerships with larger institutions, there are often assumed imbalances in power and influence because of larger budgets or more staff resources. However, these institutions bring immense value, and they often have closer relationships with key players for special projects. Join us for Stretch Your Operational Wings: Tools for Assertive Engagement with Valerie Wade, founder and principal consultant of Lynnfield Historical Consulting.

In this workshop, Wade will demonstrate how a number of tools can help all sized institutions forge mutually beneficial partnerships . Together, institutional leaders will learn how to approach engagement opportunities and potential partnerships with confidence and strategies for success. All institutions are welcome. Attendees from larger institutions will benefit from this workshop by gaining perspective on the experiences of smaller and mid-sized institutions with whom they may collaborate.

About Valerie Wade

A lifelong believer in the community-building power of history and storytelling, Valerie Wade is the founder and principal consultant of Lynnfield Historical Consulting, LLC. Through her business, she provides consulting services that bridge gaps between academic research and the practical needs of individuals and organizations seeking to engage with history. Her workshops cover topics ranging from the Sugarland 95 to proper document preservation practices to community engagement techniques for small museums. Wade is a Certified Archivist. She also has certificates in museum education and outreach, oral history, and preservation of audiovisual materials. She is constantly seeking to build her knowledge base in order to better serve her clients and her community.

For more information about Valerie Wade and her work, please visit her website