Wassaic Project Family Winter Residency / Deadline: June 25, 2018


It’s a different Wassaic in the winter. They trade swimming holes for bonfires, the Luther Barn for the Old Hotel in Maxon Mills — where residents work out of 80–100 square foot studios in converted 19th-century hotel rooms. It’s a cozier space, but one with plenty of room to experiment: residents are free to undertake large-scale projects throughout the non-winterized mill spaces. Their print shop closes for the winter, residents have 24-hour access to their studios, the wood shop, and ceramics studio. And residents live just a short walk away in one of the two residency houses, the Schoolhouse and the Lodge, where accommodations include a private bedroom, shared living room/study, dining room, kitchen, and bathrooms.

Wassaic recognizes that artists who have families often opt-out of peer community building for practical reasons: residencies don’t often take children, events happen late at night, childcare is expensive.  Bowie, Jeff and Eve (Wassaic co-founders) have kids; they’re all artists. They have families that they want to be with and not away from. And they ALSO want to connect with other artist peer groups and build community.  While they can’t solve all these problems at once, they have solved the first one: Wassaic now offers Family Residencies from December – March from 1 to 8 weeks in length.

For more information about this program please visit their website: https://www.wassaicproject.org/artists/family-residency