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Meet our employees

Mid-America Arts Alliance is a nonprofit, regional arts organization—representing Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, and beyond. We focus on strengthening communities and improving lives by supporting artists, elevating arts organizations, and connecting people to extraordinary cultural experiences.

We are artists, administrators, historians, preservationists, preparators. We are writers, poets, painters, photographers.

Arts Connect Houston (ACH) is a supporting organization of Mid-America Arts Alliance. ACH unites over 80 partners including Houston ISD, arts and culture organizations, funders, and the community to advance arts education for all children.

To contact Mid-America Arts Alliance by phone, please call (816) 421-1388 or email communications@maaa.org.


  1. Title Name Pronouns Email
  2. President and Chief Executive Officer Todd Stein he/him/his
  3. Executive Assistant Steve Crays he/him/his
  4. Accountant Nic Hathaway he/him/his
  5. Director of Finance Ivan Lundberg he/him/his
  6. Director of HR and Salesforce Accessibility Coordinator Angelette Sevart she/her/hers
  7. Access and Inclusion Program Officer Kathy Liao she/her/hers
  8. Facilities and Office Manager Regina Schneider she/her/hers
  9. Salesforce Administrator Sri Gopisetty she/her/hers

Artist Services

  1. Title Name Pronouns Email
  2. Director Diane Scott she/her/hers
  3. Program Officer (Professional Development) Eepi Chaad she/her/hers
  4. Program Officer (Artists 360, Catalyze, and Interchange) Kyle Mullins he/him/his
  5. Program Associate (Artists 360, Catalyze, and Interchange) Jade Osborne she/her/hers
  6. Constituent Engagement Specialist David Wayne Reed he/him/his
  7. Artist Services Program Associate Allison Bowman she/her/hers

Arts and Humanities Grant Programs

  1. Title Name Pronouns Email
  2. Director Christine Dotterweich Bial she/her/hers
  3. Grant Programs Coordinator (Creative Forces Community Engagement Grant) Matt Aelmore he/him/his
  4. Grant Programs Assistant (Artistic Innovations and Regional Touring Program) Dey Brown she/her/hers

Arts and Humanities Programming

  1. Title Name Pronouns Email
  2. Director Kathy Dowell she/her/hers
  3. Registrar Kelly John Clark he/him/his
  4. Chief Preparator Jessica Heikes she/her/hers
  5. Administrative and Curatorial Assistant Kaitlyn B. Jones she/her/hers
  6. Fabrication and Preparation Manager Art McSweeney he/him/his
  7. Curator of Education Catherina (Cat) Mueller she/her/hers
  8. Exhibition Tours Manager Amanda Wiltse she/her/hers

CHAT: Culture of Health Advancing Together

  1. Title Name Pronouns Email
  2. Director Dr. Aisha Siddiqui she/her/hers
  3. Community Health Worker Manager Mehrin Awan she/her/hers
  4. Community Health Worker Hajira Dinarkhai she/her/hers
  5. Lead SEL Program Coordinator Fatima Sadat she/her/hers

Organizational Services

  1. Title Name Pronouns Email
  2. Director Carris Adams she/her/hers
  3. Organizational Services Assistant Peter Jasso he/him/his
  4. Evaluation Specialist Erin Thornton she/her/hers


  1. Title Name Pronouns Email
  2. Director Margaret A. Keough she/her/hers


  1. Title Name Pronouns Email
  2. Director DeMarcus Akeem Suggs he/him/his
  3. Grants and Development Specialist Tabitha Dunham she/her/hers
  4. Development Coordinator Sarah Richardson she/her/hers

Marketing and Communications

  1. Title Name Pronouns Email
  2. Director Sarah Mote she/her/hers
  3. Communications Manager Elizabeth Stehling Snell she/her/hers
  4. Graphic Design Coordinator Maggie Price she/her/hers
  5. Social Media and Community Manager MacKenzie Fulmer she/her/hers

Arts Connect Houston

  1. Title Name Pronouns Email
  2. Executive Director Jack McBride he/him/his
  3. Development Manager Kendahl Bermudez she/her/hers
  4. Director of Strategic Initiatives Taylor Bush she/her/hers
  5. Director of Partnerships & Learning Meggie Monahan Niles she/her/hers
  6. Data Manager Monique Mogilka she/her/hers
  7. Operations Manager Mandy Whited she/her/hers