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How and when to notify M-AAA if your grant changes

Grantees are required to carry out a project consistent with the project approved for funding. Mid-America Arts Alliance (M-AAA) must be notified in writing at least 30 days in advance of the project’s first public activity, and before implementation, of any changes or amendments to the project. Failure to notify M-AAA will jeopardize current funding and possibly affect Grantee eligibility for subsequent support.

Notification must include:

  • the grant number assigned by M-AAA;
  • the specific change(s) requested (for types of amendments, see below);
  • justification for the change(s);
  • a revised project budget, if applicable;
  • grantee contact information, including a phone number, fax number and e-mail address; and
  • the signature of a current authorizing official.

M-AAA reserves the right to request additional information including, but not limited to, an update on specific project activities or an itemized list of actual expenditures to date.

Amendment requests are considered on a case-by-case basis; approval is not guaranteed. Until written approval is received from M-AAA, grantees may only incur costs consistent with the terms and conditions of the award in effect at the time of application. Requests submitted after the fact will not be approved.

Period of Support Extensions (Time Amendments)

All project activities and the commitment of project funds must take place within the period of support set out in the award document. As soon as a grantee becomes aware that the project cannot be completed on schedule, the grantee must request a time amendment. Requests submitted after the current end date of the awarded project will not be approved.

Liquidation of Obligations

The grantee is also responsible for ensuring that all obligations incurred under an award are liquidated (paid) within 30 days of the end of the period of support to coincide with the submission of the Final Report. If all obligations cannot be liquidated within 30 days, a time amendment must be requested.

Changes in Project Scope

Project activities must be consistent (i.e., in the same spirit) with those approved for funding by M-AAA. Contact M-AAA immediately if changes are necessary.

Change in Artists

If changes in artists or arts organizations identified in the application or proposal are necessary, the grantee must request an amendment. The amendment must include a short biography or description of the new artists or arts organizations involved. Requests submitted after the fact will not be approved. Prior approval is waived for changes in other key persons (e.g., executive or project directors) unless the award letter specifies otherwise.

Budget Revisions

All costs must be incurred within the period of support specified in the award document or an approved amendment is required. The budget cannot include overlapping costs (e.g., share any costs) with any other federal award.

These minor changes in the project budget do not require written approval from M-AAA:

  • transfers among direct cost line items; and/or
  • addition of an allowable project cost that does not affect the scope of the award.

These significant changes in the project budget do require prior written approval from M-AAA:

  • budget changes due to a change in the scope of the M-AAA-supported project; and/or
  • adding permanent equipment, foreign travel, or indirect costs.


M-AAA cannot waive minimum matching requirements except under the most unusual circumstances. Such requests must be accompanied by a new budget that reflects the revised commitment to the project.