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Learn how we support immigrant and refugee communities through art and community health

Culture of Health–Advancing Together

Culture of Health–Advancing Together fosters the health and well-being of the immigrant and refugee community in Houston, Texas, through education, arts, advocacy, and access to healthcare. 

Improving immigrant and refugee health and well-being by reducing isolation, facilitating acculturation, and connecting resources is what CHAT has achieved unlike any other existing organization in Houston. It has the cultural and language expertise that is required for empowering immigrant and refugee communities. 

CHAT works beside nearly 20 health industry collaborators, including Baylor College of Medicine, University of Texas School of Public Health, Harris County Public Health, and Houston Health Department. Currently. It receives funding from the Houston Arts Alliance, Houston Methodist Hospital, Houston Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), Houston in Action, Ima Hogg Foundation for Mental Health, Houston Endowment, Centers for Disease Control, and Houston Health Department, among others, along with an impressive number of individual community donors.

Through M-AAA, CHAT envisions healthy communities across our region that are self-sufficient and meet the everyday challenges of living in a diverse society.

For questions, please email the CHAT team at chat@maaa.org.


One of CHAT’s recent achievements is the Gulfton Story Trail, an immersive art experience that invites the residents and visitors to discover the many cultures and voices of the Houston neighborhood. 

Nestled in between Gulfton’s global cuisines and eclectic shops are 17 inspiring murals created by some of Houston’s most talented street artists. Each vibrant piece is multidimensional, born from poetry written by Gulfton students, blending Gulfton’s stories with their own. 

Founder and Executive Director Dr. Aisha Siddiqui notes that “Art is the gateway to reaching the immigrant children and families. It is the doorway to connecting with the children of these immigrant families. They don’t speak English, so art gives them a way to express themselves. 

“Our goal is to promote a holistic way to help immigrant families thrive in their new home. They don’t want a handout – they just want a chance to become part of the community. Art experiences are part of that healthy strategy. Health is a central part of creating a good living environment and art is the closest connection.” 


CHAT offers tutoring services and enrichment activities, including arts, photography, theater, music, language development, STEM workshops, girls’ club, computer literacy classes, and ESL classes. These initiatives work to foster the educational development of immigrant and refugee youth, integrating them into the community and improving their chances of academic success.

Find out more about CHAT’s educational programs.

Health Resources

Visit CHAT’s resource page for healthcare resources in Houston, Texas, from primary healthcare to public health, mental health counseling, senior care, nutrition and dietetics, and more. 

Visit CHAT’s healthcare directory.


Hundreds of Afghan refugees have been resettled in the Houston area, relocating to Houston after weeks of uncertainty and fear. Unfortunately, many are ineligible for public assistance, including certain services from refugee resettlement organizations that receive their funding from the government. This has left area agencies and nonprofits scrambling to find ways to help despite the lack of resources. It’s also left countless refugee families floundering upon arrival, with no way to obtain assistance and an urgent need for the most basic essentials.


Learn how CHAT stepped in and provide relocation assistance to Afghan refugee families in need.