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Make your tax-deductible gift today

Our work injects tens of millions of dollars into local economies, directly empowers thousands of artists, strengthens communities around the region, and brings more art to hundreds of thousands of more people. Your tax-deductible contribution further fuels art and artists in the heartland.

As a 501c3, nonprofit organization, Mid-America Arts Alliance relies on the contributions of our growing family of donors and funders. Join us in bringing more art to more people throughout our region and beyond by making a meaningful contribution. We appreciate all of our generous supporters and funders. If you’d like to share in our vision to sustain a thriving arts and culture sector in our region, please make a donation below.

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We also accept donations of stock, matching gifts, and grants from Donor-Advised Funds. For more information, check out our Other Ways to Give section below or contact DeMarcus Akeem Suggs, Director of Development, at giving@maaa.org.

Checks may also be mailed to this address:
Development Division
Mid-America Arts Alliance
2018 Baltimore Ave
Kansas City, MO 64108

Other Ways to Give


Take advantage of the tax benefit for charitable giving by donating appreciated assets. By donating stock, you can:

  • Amplify Your Impact: Donating securities that have increased in value directly to MAAA empowers you to make a more substantial contribution without the initial high cost.
  • Avoid Capital Gains Tax: If you sell an appreciated asset, you pay capital gains tax on the increase in value. However, donating the asset directly to M-AAA exempts you from this tax, ensuring that the full value of your gift supports our cause.
  • Receive a Charitable Deduction: You will receive a tax deduction for the full fair market value of the asset at the time of the gift, regardless of what you originally paid for it.

Ready to take the step towards making a stock donation? Here’s how:

  1. Choose Your Stock: Identify which stocks you wish to donate, including the stock name, its ticker symbol (if publicly traded), the number of shares earmarked for donation, and the planned transfer date.
  2. Connect with Us: Reach out to us at giving@maaa.org to obtain our brokerage information, account number, and Depository Trust Company (DTC) number. This also ensures we can acknowledge your generous donation, as stock donations are often reported anonymously by brokerages. 
  3. Fill Out the Necessary Forms: You’ll find the appropriate stock donation forms on your brokerage’s online portal. If electronic forms aren’t available, complete printed forms and send them to your brokerage. Be sure to retain any confirmation number for your records.Note: To be eligible to receive a tax deduction for the current tax year, you need to complete your stock donation by December 31 (A stock donation is recorded on the day it’s received by the charity, not the day you submit the transfer request).
  4. After the transaction, we’ll send you a tax receipt detailing the transfer date, donation value, number of shares, and stock name for your files.
Donor-Advised Fund

A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) lets you make charitable contributions, claim immediate tax benefits, and recommend grants from your fund over time. With a DAF, you can:

  • Grow Your Impact: DAFs allow your fund to increase tax-free, potentially increasing the resources available for granting.
  • Simplify Your Giving: DAFs streamline the giving process, making it easy to distribute funds to your favorite charities, like M-AAA.
  • Enjoy Tax Benefits: With a DAF, you can receive immediate tax benefits in the year you contribute to your fund, which could be more advantageous than cash gifts.

To donate from your Donor-Advised Fund, please have your sponsoring organization direct your gift to the address below. To ensure we can acknowledge your gift, please provide your name and/or fund name, along with your address.

Mid-America Arts Alliance
EIN: 23-7303693
2018 Baltimore Ave
Kansas City, MO 64108


Matching Gifts
  1. Check Match-Eligibility. For a donation to be match-eligible, the donor needs to work for participating companies, and the donation must meet specific criteria to be approved. Check with your Human Resources department to see if your company offers a matching gift program and what the matching gift guidelines are.
  2. Donate to Mid-America Arts Alliance. You can use the form above or mail in a check.
  3. Submit a Match Request to Your Employer. The matching gift request process can vary by company. It is important to check the guidelines for requesting matching gifts as some companies have deadlines for submitting a match request. The match request process typically involves the following steps:
    • Log into your company’s matching gift submission website.
    • Search for Mid-America Arts Alliance or provide the following information:

      Mid-America Arts Alliance
      EIN: 23-7303693
      2018 Baltimore Ave
      Kansas City, MO 64108

    • Register your donation, providing details like the payment type, donation amount, date of payment, and requested match amount (depending on the company’s predetermined matching ratio and maximum match amount).
    • Submit the request for review! The company will review the request and determine whether to approve the matching donation. If needed, the company will reach out to M-AAA to confirm the donation.

  4. Your Employer Matches the Donation. Once the original donation is verified and approved, the company will issue the matching gift directly to M-AAA. 

For additional information about Matching Gifts, please email giving@maaa.org