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Welcoming Our Bethune-Cookman University Interns: Annetta Henderson and Breya Tyler

By Elizabeth Snell

Portrait headshots of two college-aged African American women.

We are delighted to welcome two talented and ambitious interns from Bethune-Cookman University to Mid-America Arts Alliance for the summer. 

Annetta Henderson and Breya Tyler will join us for this summer internship, marking the beginning of an exciting new relationship between M-AAA and Bethune-Cookman University. These two individuals bring a wealth of talent, dedication, and a passion for learning, and we are thrilled to have them on board as they learn more about possible careers in the arts and arts administration.

Bethune-Cookman University, based in Daytona Beach, Florida, is centered on student success and the richness of African American culture is affirmed, explored, celebrated, and advanced. The founder, Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, started the university in 1904 with with $1.50, vision, an entrepreneurial mindset, resilience, and faith in God. 


M-AAA’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Summer Internship Description

M-AAA’s HBCU summer internship program with Bethune-Cookman University aims to increase awareness of careers in the arts and arts administration. 

This pilot program was intentionally designed to select one student from the College of Business and Entrepreneurship and the College of Arts and Humanities. Annetta and Breya were selected after submitting an application that included endorsements from their professors. Prior to the beginning of the internship period, Annetta and Breya participated in work sessions to enhance their knowledge of the field of arts administration, cultural policy, and the role of regional arts organizations. In addition, they meet with an executive functioning coach to help strengthen planning, goal setting, and time management skills.

This summer, Annetta and Breya will work with M-AAA’s touring art exhibitions program, ExhibitsUSA, and our finance department. These hands-on training opportunities will allow them to explore, up close and firsthand, grants administration, nonprofit finance, non-curatorial museum roles, collections management/registration, and exhibition design, fabrication, and production.

With ExhibitsUSA, interns have a unique opportunity to learn about trends and best practices in museum work and the humanities. The interns will receive focused mentorship from the staff while developing an exhibition for the M-AAA Culture Lab gallery. Staff will share information about the touring exhibition development process, utilizing “in-production materials” tied to the Rooted Visions exhibition tour.

While the exhibition will be mounted in the fall, after the internship has been completed, the interns will have developed the checklist, interpretive text, initiated the exhibition design/layout, and developed a promotional plan. They will also receive images of the final installation for use in their future portfolios and resumes.

Working alongside M-AAA’s director of finance, our interns will learn about the financial and fundraising requirements of a 501c3 nonprofit. 

Interns will also have an opportunity to meet with other programs and divisions of M-AAA, including development, marketing, advocacy, artist services, and organizational services, all to get a full picture of nonprofit arts administration and the workings of a regional arts organization.

Now, let’s meet our interns!


Meet Annetta Henderson
College of Arts and Humanities

Portrait of a college-aged African American woman.

Annetta Henderson is one of the M-AAA Bethune-Cookman interns for summer 2024.

Annetta Henderson, a junior majoring in Communication Studies: Theatre Arts Performance at Bethune-Cookman University, is a multifaceted individual with a deep passion for the fine arts. She is an accomplished singer, dancer, and actor, combining her artistic prowess with a diligent work ethic and a keen business mindset. Annetta currently serves as the vice president of the scholarship recipient, award-winning theater troupe, Troupe 1904. Her accolades include winning awards at the National Association of Dramatic and Speech Arts for her lead role in Fantasy Girl and her troupe’s original Readers Theatre piece, Emotional Roller Coaster: A Love Letter to Life.

Beyond her artistic endeavors, Annetta is actively involved in campus life, holding leadership roles in several organizations. As chaplin and Ms. Reko in Rekonstrucktion Dance Troupe Incorporated, she leads fundraising operations and coordinates church and Bible study events. She also served as the secretary for her freshman class in the Student Government Association.

Annetta bridges her love for the arts with a burgeoning interest in business, serving as the acquisitions manager for HRD Capital Partners LLC, a real estate company. In this role, she showcases her leadership skills by overseeing property acquisitions, budgeting, loans, and renovations.

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, Annetta brings a dynamic fusion of creativity and business acumen to her diverse pursuits. She is actively looking for a mentor in the visual and fine arts foundation who possesses a strong business-oriented attitude and is open to providing insightful advice.


Meet Breya Tyler
College of Business and Entrepreneurship

Portrait of a college-aged African American woman.

Breya Tyler is one of the M-AAA Bethune-Cookman interns for summer 2024.

Breya Tyler is a resilient leader from Bowie, Maryland, currently a senior finance major at Bethune-Cookman University. Driven by ambition, confidence, and purpose, Breya aspires to help companies and individuals generate wealth through investment strategies and financial asset management. She possesses strong skills in data analysis, risk management, and problem solving.

Breya’s interests extend beyond academics; she enjoys mentally stimulating activities and has diverse interests in real estate, fashion, travel, the arts, literature, and community service. She is an active participant in the Honors and Scholars program, Investments Club, Real Estate Club, and National Association of Black Accountants. Her curiosity and strong work ethic are among her strongest assets.

Breya embodies the community spirit, academic excellence, and commitment to personal growth inspired by Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune. She is destined to inspire excellence in her peers and colleagues.


Join Us in Welcoming Annetta and Breya

We are excited to see the unique perspectives and contributions that Annetta and Breya will bring to M-AAA. Their diverse talents and interests will undoubtedly enrich our team. Join us in welcoming these exceptional individuals as they embark on their journey with us this summer!