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Artist Strikes a Chord with Innovations Project

By Margaret A. Keough

Artist Calder Kamin debuted Plastic Planet at Austin’s Women & Their Work gallery with the support of an Artistic Innovations grant.

Plastic Planet features colorful animals created entirely from single-use plastic shopping bags. Artist Calder Kamin collected bags from friends, colleagues, and family to create her menagerie of scavenger animals, like opossums, deer, and raccoons.  Her work was reviewed in several major publications, including The Daily Texan, The Austin Chronicle, and Tribeza.

Kamin reported that over 350 students visited Plastic Planet, and participated in activities designed by Kamin to explore environmental stewardship.

“I am grateful for all of the community support behind my project!” wrote Kamin. Plastic Planet closed its run at Women & Their Work on November 10.