DUNS Transition: New Requirements for Federal Funding


New Paperwork Necessary for Organizational Grant Fulfillment

Updated 4/11/2022: As you may know, Mid-America Arts Alliance receives federal funding from the National Endowment for the Arts each year to provide grants to artists and arts and culture organizations here in our region. As a result, the grants we make are reported on to the NEA and require federal paperwork and data gathering.

One aspect of the federal grant system is the use of a unique identifying number for organizational grantees. For many years, the federal system used the third-party DUNS (Data Universal Numbering System) to identify applicants. This year, they have transitioned from the use of DUNS to Unique Identity ID in SAM (the federal System for Award Management). This transition took place on April 4, 2022.

Walk through what YOU need to do to prepare, using these helpful steps from our friends at and ArtsMidwest. Find your scenario in the five listed below.

1. My organization is already registered in

If your organization is registered in, you’ve already been assigned a new Unique Entity ID! It’s viewable in your entity registration record in  (Note: If you have a DUNS Number but are not registered in, you will NOT automatically have a UEI assigned to your organization.)

If you need assistance with your account or have other technical issues, please visit the Federal Service Desk at to search for frequently asked questions.

2. My organization is NOT already registered in

If you have not previously registered in, you can get a Unique Entity ID by visiting this page and clicking the button that says “Get Unique Entity ID.”  Here is a video walkthrough showing to obtain a UEI. You do not need to complete a full registration with in order to get a UEI.

3. When should I start using my Unique Entity ID (SAM)?

The National Endowment for the Arts started using UEI as of April 4, 2022. We suggest you take care of getting your UEI sooner rather than later.

4. I have another question.

Check out this FAQ Page from the Federal Service Desk.