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reflect / project June with Saint Louis Story Stitchers

By Margaret A. Keough

aerial view of houses

June’s exhibition is from the Saint Louis Story Stitchers. Their work WADE (2020), on view through July 1, is a work from the multi-year project titled, The WHY of MY City. The WHY of MY City captures and documents black history through written word and art and gives audiences insight into neighbors’ lives.

Saint Louis Story Stitchers Artists Collective was founded in 2013 to combat gun violence. Incorporated as a charity in 2014, Story Stitchers creates a platform for community engagement through an artistic lens to shift perceptions and inspire hope for the Saint Louis community. Through a unique form of “urban storytelling,” Story Stitchers promote peace, understanding, and civic pride.

Watch the work at https://www.maaa.org/reflect-project/ and see the works by Jordan Lee and Joshua A. Williams (both from St. Louis, Missouri) the group selected to accompany their work.