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FY21–25 Strategic Plan

By Margaret A. Keough

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A note from Holbrook Lawson, Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee

I have found the M-AAA Strategic Planning Committee and process to be fascinating. I would like to thank my Committee members: Rich Vierk, Stacey Dillon, Michael Donovan, John Gaudin, Margie Reese, and Todd Stein. I sincerely appreciate their insight and direction. Collectively, this group brought diverse perspectives, creativity, sensitivity, forward thinking, and enjoyment. I believe the process was comprehensive by interviewing stakeholders, content experts, board members, foundation officers, M-AAA staff members, public agencies, service organizations, and community leaders. With this intensity, M-AAA learned they could pivot and be nimble during this difficult pandemic time. It is my pleasure to present a thorough and inclusive document.

Read and download our FY21–25 Strategic Plan